Youth Mural

Working with the themes outlined of what is loved and what should be changed in the South End, artist Maggie Standley worked with local youth to develop a mural using a variety of materials such as oil pastels, collage and paint on movable cardboard pieces of diverse sizes and shapes echoing the important thread of the richness of diversity within our “hoods”. As an independent arts and language educator (Wingspan Studio) based in the South End, Standley approached this project as an integrated arts, language and math opportunity, encouraging participants to think about and look at other community murals and acquiring vocabulary such as composition, periphery, space, shape, texture; to learn about materials and methods of mural creation, and to hone drawing, painting and conceptualization skills; and to reinforce math through the use of rulers, tape measures and levels throughout the project. Her studio, located on Howard Street, is an example of the richness of artistic practice in the South End.