Seeds for SEAD

Terry Zigmund, Matt Gang and Tara Goreau conceived of Seeds for SEAD (SEAD stands for South End Arts District) for the first public PlanBTV South End event in November, the South End Crawl. The project incited participation in early conversations about the future of the South End and encouraged attendance from a broad public at as many Crawl sites as possible during the two day event. The artists created 200 S.E.A.D. seeds out of plywood and distributed them around the South End to arouse curiosity. Each seed had one of two questions on the back: “What is it about the South End that makes you smile” and “What about the South End would you like to see change”. The Smiles and Changes provided the planning team with a synopsis of the issues that would be important to explore during the planning process. In addition, Seeds for SEAD is also emblematic of the myriad of artistic talents and businesses that are an active community within the South End: Terry Zigmund runs the Burlington Community Glass Studio, Matt Gang’s Grey Owl Design specializes in wood cutouts and cork art, and Tara Goreau is a mural painter.

Seeds for SEAD from andrea grayson on Vimeo.

Matt Gang, Tara Goreau and Terry Zigmund create wooden “seeds” to gather community input on what people like and would like to see change in the South End