Phone Booth

This interactive, stumble-upon installation has been created in that vein, offering a multi-media experience to capture public opinion for PlanBTV South End in a flexible, technologically relevant way. Questions can be easily changed based on the evolution of the public process. For the participant, it provides a new forum to give feedback that is fun and unusual, as well as thought-provoking. This project expresses the collaborative nature of a new kind of creative pursuit where organizations, government, designers, code writers, and business converge around the desire to create access to and expose public opinion. It is also characterizes ArtsRiots’ interest in collaboration and aspirations to connect, engage and empower society. In addition to ArtsRiot, the Phone Booth Project collaborators include Colin Brahmstedt, Justin Kuzma, Conant Metal & Light, Burlington City Arts, and Burlington Planning and Zoning. Through Arts Riot, the phone booth will continue to offer interactive experiences for other projects in the future.

planBTV South End: The Phone Booth Project from andrea grayson on Vimeo.