Tyler Vendituoli – Parking Meter Bicycle Rack

This bike rack sculpture features vintage coin operated parking meters on each coil as a tongue-in-cheek commentary about a notorious South End concern: parking. In the words of the artist, “The bike rack represents to me a serious topic poised in the form of a joke… By the time the people who work here park, there isn’t space left for clients or customers to find a spot. I feel like I get an email from work once a month reminding us where it’s ok to park and when. The joke is taking a real issue and blowing it so out of proportion that it becomes humorous. ‘Space is so tight and prices are going up so fast that they’re even charging for bicycle parking. Can you believe that?’ Of course you don’t have to pay for bike parking, but it is meant to look like such a manufactured true utility item that it’ll be hard to tell. It is also meant to touch upon the issue of pedestrians in the South End. Currently everyone seems to be all for walkers, joggers and bikers: they take up less space, they’re healthy and green, but to actually ride your bike through afternoon traffic is a little scary, especially in the winter’s dark. I hope that the bike rack gets people thinking and beyond just initial frustration but to the heart of the issue.”