Illustration Activities at King Street Center

Matt Heywood makes “graphic design, illustration and web design that says what you mean.” A gifted and swift illustrator, Matt Heywood created these drawings on the spot during several community events and meetings, such as Art Hop, King Street Center Family Dinner. These murals become “visual minutes “of meetings and events, provoking an instinctive desire to explore the drawings (rather than a requirement to review) and offering an alternative option for absorbing conversation or information. For a Community Dinner at the King Street Youth Center, Heywood designed three interactive activities appropriate for different age groups to engage youth in thinking about the things they like and want to see in their neighborhood.

Projects included:

  • A voting mural — stickers act as votes for preferred neighborhood amenities
  • An illustrated streetscape where participants
    could lay-out the street as they wanted
  • A live illustration mural, where individuals could have their desired attributes drawn, or draw them themselves.


From King Street, Matt Heywood  IMG_5215