A central tenet of PlanBTV South End is the community’s desire to protect and expand the unique blend of arts, industry and enterprise as a foundation for moving forward in this resilient economic hub. Featuring the work of 21 South End-based artists and businesses that highlight and help define what is created in the Enterprise Zone, MADE was an exhibition that attempted to capture the variety and scope of talent that is ever-present yet sometimes hidden from view in this vibrant creative community. Presented by Burlington City Arts in partnership with SEABA and curated by Wylie Garcia, Mark Waskow, and DJ Hellerman.

Erik Eickmann
Eric Eickmann paints portraits invoking the archetype of Woman. He addresses the female form with respectful insight to the architecture of sexuality, vulnerability, and the rawness of power.

Alex Costantino
Alex Costantino uses pattern, color and humor in his paintings and ceramic works in his studio in the Soda Plant.


Alyssa Oxley
Alyssa Oxley works with kilnformed and cast glass and is often inspired by her time outside. She currently teaches kilnforming glass classes at the Davis Studio in the South End.

R. Elliott Katz
R. Elliott Katz’s work grows out of a practice based on physicality, deliberation, and repetition. His sculptures are dependent on craft and concept to express a tension between nature and people.

Burton Snowboards
Burton continues to manufacture snowboards right here in Burlington, Vermont at the Craig Kelly Prototyping Facility, including this 2015 Tattletale.  Craig’s houses rapid-prototype machines allow engineers to design and build new parts overnight and test them on snow the next morning. The experimentation that happens at Craig’s is critical to the development of Burton’s manufacturing techniques around the world. Burton also has a long-standing relationship to the arts, with every board surface offering a blank canvas opportunity. This board’s artwork is by an artist from Strasbourg, France who was selected by the professional rider, Kimmy Fasani through Burton’s Blank You Very Much design competition. You can sign up for a free tour of Craig’s Monday through Friday at 1pm and 3pm at www.burton.com.

Mark Eliot Schwabe
Mark Eliot Schwabe is a “SteamSmith” who designs highly detailed, wearable sculpture in the Steampunk style, as well as large-scale metal sculpture. A highly skilled craftsman, Schwabe made jewelry for Cartier and served as a consultant for Tiffany & Co. His sculptures of space craft have been licensed by Lucas Film and by Paramount Pictures.
Mark Eliot Schwabe Grosser Zeplanner II©

Mark Eliot Schwabe GeoForm

Noah Lagle
Noah Lagle is a printmaker located at 339 Pine Street.  His work often combines found images, embroidery, and sewing and emphasizes the repetition printmaking allows.  He is currently offering a popular “CSA”, where participating individuals receive a print a month for a year.

Lake Champlain Chocolates
One of the more visible manufacturer’s in the South End, Lake Champlain Chocolates has been making chocolate in Burlington since 1983, and in their 20,000 square foot Pine Street Location since 1998. While their products can now be found in 2,000 specialty stores across the U.S., they are still very much a local family business, making award-winning chocolates right here in the heart of Burlington’s enterprise zone.

Athena Kafantaris
Athena Kafantaris is a multi-disciplinary performance artist. SkyBeast was part of Kafantaris’ performance in the Simulacrum project, a series of collaborative, multi-media performances  at the 339 Pine Street Studios. Kafantaris describes her work as exploring family structure, loss and transformation.
Athena KafantarisThe Beast

Creston Electric Instruments
Creston Lea makes one-of-a-kind custom guitars for musicians all over the US.  Born out of a bay in the Old Street Department building at 339 Pine, Lea now works out of his own shop on Batchelder Street. He often collaborates with artist Sarah Ryan on the surface designs, and the musician who will use the instrument remains connected to the design process to completion. His guitars are played by Eric Heywood, Tony Gilkyson, Mark Spencer, Anders Parker, Chuck Prophet, MC Taylor, Tom Heyman, Tim Bluhm, Ian MacKaye, Brian Henneman, and more.
SKIMG_0282 copy

Kristin Richland
Kristin Richland’s illustrative style references an early interest in children’s book illustration, but her subject matter leans on the darker side, revealing an obsession with ghosts, haunted clothing and strange animals.
KristinRichland_Fin&FeatherGownMADE copy

Ron Hernandez
Ron Hernandez, otherwise known as “Airbrush Ron,” is a well-known mural artist based in Burlington.

Tony Lee Sangastiano
Toni-Lee Sangastiano is an Associate Professor of Graphic Design & Digital Media at Champlain College. Sangastiano is known for her realistic portraits of sideshow performers and is one of the leading sideshow banner painters in the United States.

Edlund is a kitchen equipment manufacturing company that was founded in Burlington founded in 1928. A fixture of various locations in the South End for many years, the company is now located on Industrial Parkway. While it may be less well-known in Burlington, Edlund has become a leading world-wide producer of cutting edge industrial kitchen equipment.  Their original patent product is the manual can opener, but today they also make electric can openers, scales, and other beautifully designed stainless steel equipment—all right here in Burlington.


Conant Metal and Light
Conant Metal & Light, started in Howard Space in 1980, and has been working wonders with metal & Light ever since. Jonathan Ward, the artist who built this lamp, joined Conant 10 years later in 1990. Made entirely from brass and copper parts found around the shop, this lamp represents Jonathan’s “steam punk” style from start to finish.

Rachel Morton
Rachel Morton has joined the South End as an artist recently but has been in the creative field as a PR and Marketing director for many years. She now directs Rachel Morton Associates, a communications consulting firm in Burlington specializing in college magazines and recruitment publications for higher education.

Jane Frank
As a classically trained goldsmith from Germany,Jane Frank moved to Burlington in 2007 and  shares a retail store, “Alchemy” with 3 other jewelers in the South End.

Chris Thompson
A South End resident and worker, Chris Thompson’s interests have consistently bridged the technology and art divide. He’s worked as manager of multimedia systems and advanced technology at Burlington design firm Jager Di Paolo Kemp and spent time as a full time artist, and then curator for Burlington City Arts. He is now Curator-in Residence for Champlain College.

Greg Mamczak
Like a modern day Hieronymus Bosch, Greg Mamczak’s prolific narrative paintings depict people carrying out the activities of everyday human life.

Burlington Record Plant
The Burlington Record Plant, located at 660 Pine Street behind Feldman’s Bagels, is a recent addition to South End manufacturing created by musician Justin Crowther. The Burlington Record Plant now presses thousands of records for major labels worldwide, specializing in aesthetically unique discs defined by heavier weights and color variations. On display for MADE was a complete record made in Vermont Slate vinyl, the metal stamper, which is the negative that contains the recording information, and an example of hardened Vermont Slate before it is pressed into a record.


Catherine Hall
Born in England and attending art school there before heading to the US for graduate work, Catherine Hall has created work in Burlington for several decades. Her artwork has a history of fearlessness with materials, with single works including a list like papier-mâché, encaustic, glass, paint, rice paper, dye, wax, resin, silk, plaster, wood, horn, glass beads. These fragile and ephemeral works in Japanese silk are a beautiful  contradiction her mounted plaster casts of baby doll heads and antlers, referencing the dye house in her father’s cotton mill and a return to painting.