Crossing Pine:  A Public Walking Performance Along Pine Street 

CrossingPine 2015-06-15

In this week-long walking performance piece, artist Kate Donnelly walked along Pine Street pushing a garment rack full of rain ponchos on hangers. Each poncho was uniquely decorated in a variety of patterns and designs using transparent, colorful cellophane solids and prints. Kate began the performance dressed simply in white and as she made her way along Pine St., she stopped at the first crosswalk, put on a poncho, crossed the street, and carried on. At the next crosswalk she put on another poncho over the first so that some of the design on the first poncho was obscured, some still visible. By the end of my walk up and back, she had crossed Pine Street 18 times and was wearing 18 layers of colors and patterns overlapping, obscuring, and creating a new, dimensional design. The garment rack was then empty except for the hangers was easier to navigate, however the artist’s own movement was greatly inhibited. This performance was repeated once a day at different times for 6 days in a row.

Walking, an intentional activity, is our most basic means of movement.

This project explored personal transition from the small, everyday rituals–such as going from home to work–to more transformative changes we experience, intentional or not. Crossing Pine focuses on the transition of the group or community and on the role the artist plays (intentionally or not) in shaping the character and ethos of a community. What is obscured, revealed, or made transitory when a neighborhood undergoes redevelopment or gentrification? What is seen, felt, protected, or left vulnerable? What new framework, patterns and expressions emerge?


KateDonnelly-CrossingPine from andrea grayson on Vimeo.