Crossing Pine at King St. Youth Center – a community project

In a follow-up to her performance Crossing Pine, Kate Donnelly brought concepts of performance art to King Street Center youth in a week-long workshop. After discussing her own interest in performance art, and the public’s relationship to the work, Donnelly encouraged participants to explore individual identity, community identity, and to think about how they fit (or felt they didn’t fit) in their communities. They discussed the symbolism of a rain poncho (protection, shelter), layered, transparent designs (richness of diverse perspective, things seen, things hidden, things being covered over, things combining to make something new) and the garment rack (homelessness, being unsettled) before making their own hoods using colorful, transparent cellophane and clear contact paper. Students also collaborated in the creation of a single poncho decorated with drawings depicting the participants’ visions and ideas of community. At the end of the week, students were photographed wearing their individual hoods as well as with the “community” poncho.

Crossing Pine at King Street Youth Center — a community project from andrea grayson on Vimeo.