Wayfinding Mural–Community Workshop

South End artist Clark Derbes always sees opportunities for murals in industrial urban settings—underpasses, concrete retaining walls, brick walls and parking lots throughout Burlington and in a number of other cities now host his geometric and colorful patterns. The PlanBTV South End Community Workshop took place in the former Burlington Food Service building, a 64,000 square foot warehouse that was about to undergo a major renovation. Slated to house 6-8 different businesses in the future, the building’s transformation is emblematic of the changes underway along the Pine Street corridor. Because the building was about to be gutted, Derbes was given carte-blanche to paint any surface in the interior, resulting in a continuous temporary mural that led participants from the front door to the deep recesses of the warehouse, where the assembly space was located.

Former Burlington Foodservice building from Sears Lane with Clark Derbes installation across the street.DSC_0162