Community Design Project

In the coming years, new investments in street infrastructure will bring change to the South End Arts District. A team of South End architects, landscape architects, artists and writers will ask SEAD entrepreneurs and residents to imagine “What if…?”

A core group initiated by Julie Campoli and Bren Alvarez will conduct reconnaissance on SEAD history, present realities and possibilities through research and interviews with SEAD artists, makers, businesses, land owners, workers and residents. They will ask those who have made the SEAD what it is today, as well as potential entrepreneurs and residents to imagine what it can be tomorrow. How would physical changes to the SEAD create opportunities for a greater number of people?

Compiled audio interviews will guide the larger group of designers and artists as they draw vignettes of possible changes to areas alongside the future Champlain Parkway and Pine Street corridor (Home Ave. to Maple St.).

During the four-month process, the team of 16-20 collaborators will gather site information, conduct, edit and synthesize interviews, and collaborate in design workshops. The resulting audio records and visual studies will exemplify how design and collaboration can be used to imagine possibilities.