Words & Pictures: Working/Living Here

The Burlington Writers Workshop, located at 266 Pine Street, provides writers with free learning opportunities that help them develop as artists and professional writers through workshop opportunities, panel discussions, readings and informal gatherings. Building on its base of over 825 members, the Burlington Writers Workshop proposed a joint project between writers and photographers exploring the character of the South End and visions for the future. Each photograph and written work pair represent the perspective of a different demographic in the South End: artists, business owners, children and families, low-income neighborhoods, residents, new Americans and senior citizens.

The works of words and large-format photos were exhibited at the Community Workshop event in February, 2015. An evening social and performance event with readings and discussion also took place during the Workshop.


The Welding Haiku

Blue-orange flame point,
Fire to metal born red.
Twisted steel sprouts life.

Poem by Edward Burke
Photo by Evan Johnson

SterlingHardwoods--Photo by Rob Lietar

Sterling Hardwoods

Happiness held within often goes unnoticed even when plainly before us. Strip away the rough-hewn exterior to expose an authentic neighborhood treasure where work is love made visible.

Slipping through the steel door, a swirl of sawdust stirs to greet me. The lingering scent of coffee mingles with fresh maple. My skin and my mind soothed by the comforting hum of the boxy industrial heater. A welcome distraction from the harsh Vermont winter.

The shop is littered with remnants:  shelves and tables and chairs. On the perimeter, raw planks stand post awaiting their next assignment. Exotic hardwoods lean like weary travelers against a wall. Journeys etched in foreign grains. A tale uncovered by an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s hand. Line by line a storyboard.

Words by Kelly Hedglin Bowen
Photo by Rob Lietar