The PlanBTV: South End planning process was conceived to involve artists in community engagement projects, in an effort to discover what matters most to the residents, businesses and artists that call the South End home.

To pique public interest, encourage participation in events and promote an understanding of issues, local artists were asked to submit proposals for art engagement activities with citizens from broad socio-economic and demographic backgrounds. Some artist projects worked directly with specific constituents to facilitate alternative participation in the process; others called attention to significant themes, such as pedestrian safety, design, parking, housing, storm water, access to the lake, and transportation. [Please explore these many projects from the Artists’ Projects page.]

Twenty-two artist engagement projects integrated with and augmented a number of community events, including:

  • An Active Living Workshop with Dan Burden, organized and sponsored by AARP;
  • SEABA’s South End Art Hop, where an illustrator took “visual minutes” of event-goer’s ideas at a City owned industrial studio space ;
  • The South End Crawl, the project’s multi-day public event exploring South End industry and artist studios that helped the consultants better understand nuances of the community through two questions: “what about the South End makes you smile” and “what would you like to see change.”
  • A multi-day, charrette-style Community Workshop, attended by hundreds of community members. During the workshop, consultants pinned up several options for the community to respond and made changes on trace paper. Over the course of three days of community discussion and 18 Workshop events, a framework illustrating many possibilities for the future of the study area began to take shape.

A live illustration event to kick-off the project at the South End Art Hop, Burlington’s biggest art event (September, 2014).


The South End Crawl: Discovering the South End (November, 2014)


3-Day Community Workshop (February, 2015)